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Homeschooling Grows Up is the largest research survey to date of adults who were home educated. Over the last decade, researchers, professionals, parents, the media, and many others have asked repeatedly: How do homeschooled students turn out? Can a homeschool graduate get into college or get a job? How do they fit into society? Are they good citizens? Are they happy?

In 2003, HSLDA commissioned Dr. Brian D. Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, to conduct a study to answer these questions. The results of his research demonstrate that homeschoolers are succeeding.

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Inspiring Christians to Biblical Education
August 2007
Dear Christian family,

Where are the hearts and minds of our Christian youth today? Quoting Brett Kunkle, who leads Stand to Reason's Student Impact Program, "Most Christian teenagers are completely inarticulate when it comes to explaining the basis of their faith".   According to a Barna Group poll, 76 percent of Christian students believe that moral truth depends on the circumstances and 15 percent have no idea where moral truths come from.  In a survey by Josh McDowell, 84 percent of Christian college freshmen were unable to explain what they believe or why they believe it. (Christian Examiner)

Sadly, our Christian youth are far from being able to give "a reason for the hope that lies within them", if the hope is even there to begin with.  And these are church attending kids!  What is happening?  Could it be that secular schools create secular thinking kids?   How desperately the culture of today needs parents to consistently and effectively train up and educate their children with God's word applied to every aspect of their lives.   How can we best train our children to be that young adult with a heart and mind for Jesus?  By allowing them to seek the kingdom of God without the brainwashing of secular education, textbooks and peers.
Our ministry goal is to help you provide your children with a Christian home education.   Please consider forwarding this newsletter to your church, family and friends.
In His service,
Denise Kanter
Best classroom can sometimes be right at home

Preschool 101
By Tori Rollins  published in Homeschool Enrichment Magazine
<Myth Alert>
Put your children in preschool and they will succeed in kindergarten. If they succeed in kindergarten then they will do better in grade school. Grade school success means getting ahead in high school, and being at the top in your high school practically guarantees admission to the best colleges. Attend the best college, graduate and get a great job and you will make loads of money and live happily ever after. And to think it all started with going to preschool.
<End Myth Alert>

Sound too simple? It certainly does to me. In our state that is the theme of seven or eight different TV and radio ads. We are being led to believe that preschool is the necessary stepping stone to succeed for the rest of your life. The commercials are trying to convince you once again that children are better off the sooner they leave home and interact with p"rofessional "teachers and other children their age.

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