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Alpha Omega Publications

Home school curriculum through traditional books or a dynamic distance-learning model which would make parent or church directed homeschooling easy.

BJU Press Distance Learning

DVD, satellite and hard drive programs make it easy for single and working parents, or churches to facilitate.

CLASS: Christian Liberty Academy

Very inexpensive programs as well as fully supported home school curriculum for parents and church co-ops.
National Association of University Model Schools
Elementary and secondary school education using a university model of education.

First Class Homeschool Ministry

Get help planting a church-based, parent-led home school co-op.

A Beka Academy

Online and DVD home school programs.
And that from a child you have known the holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.  2 Timothy 3:15

Dear Christian families:
As we celebrate the birth of Christ, and the gift of salvation through Jesus, it should also serve as a reminder of how important we should spend each day helping our children learn from a Godly perspective without the constant input of dishonorable teachings.  There is just too much to risk -- the faith of our children -- to let them be educated from an atheistic point of view. 
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Merry Christmas,
Denise Kanter
Considering Homeschooling Ministry
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Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

General Facts and Trends

Homeschooling - that is, parent-led home-based education - is an age-old traditional educational practice that a decade ago appeared to be cutting-edge and "alternative" but is now bordering on "mainstream" in the United States. It may be the fastest-growing form of education in the United States (at 5% to 12% per year). Home-based education is also growing around the world in many nations.

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Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. is an internationally known researcher, educator, speaker, and expert witness, and serves as president of the nonprofit National Home Education Research Institute. He has taught as a certified teacher in public and private schools and served as a professor in the fields of science and education at the graduate and undergraduate levels. His Ph.D. is in science education from Oregon State University. Dr. Ray has been studying the homeschool movement for about 23 years.

Issues in Education is a radio ministry program by Bob & Geri Boyd heard on hundreds of stations nationwide.  They feature informative programs on why you should be homeschooling in today's culture. 
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Homeschool by Dr. Brian Ray, click here
Public School & Christian Children, click here
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Suffer the Children by American Family  Association:
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CHRISTIAN LEADERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY are identifying the public school system as a major detriment to children from Christian homes. The severe damage that has already occurred, and is continuing in an ever-increasing downward spiral, is shredding the very fabric of our Christian  heritage and culture. The secular education received by children in government schools has more impact on shaping their social values, and consequently the culture, than do all of the various forms of media and politics Combined. It only makes sense that rearing children year after year in a secular environment with a secular philosophy and textbooks, will produce adults who think and act from a secular worldview. Most parents and churches have little time, by comparison, to counter these teachings with biblical truth. Statistics show that 70% of christian children who attend secular schools leave their faith and their church within two years of high school Graduation.
The secular worldview asserts that there is no God, and that even if He does exist, He is irrelevant to life. It teaches that man is inherently good, and that only man's physical and social environments, which are the causes of his problems, need to be changed in order for him to experience happiness. This is a problem for Christians, who believe that God created man in His image, and that He is both interested in and intimately involved with His creation. God's Word teaches that, due to Adam's fall, mankind is born with a nature to sin, and that the only solution to our sin is faith in Jesus Christ.

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Considering Homeschooling Ministry™ is a national outreach helping Christian families discover the blessings of a biblical home education.  Please pass this e-report on to your family, church and friends.