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November 2006

Dear Christian families:

I am often asked by parents whether homeschoolers get "good jobs" when they graduate. As we wandered around the Christian Film Festival in San Antonio a couple weekends ago, it was more than obvious to me, that homeschoolers were doing more than just fine in perfecting the talents God has given them.

Hundreds of homeschoolers and homeschooled graduates packed the hallways and media rooms to show and share their talents in the art of film making, music composition and writing. Astonishing is all I can say! The youngest film maker was 9 years old. One of my favorite films "Heartwood Dagger", was filmed with magnificent results by three homeschooled graduates.

The Duggar family were special guests at this years Christian Film Festival. If you haven't heard about this remarkable family with 16 biological children, all homeschooled, please visit their family website, link below.

This month we are highlighting a few homeschooled graduates. Our goal as parents is to educate and train our children on a Godly foundation so they will have a heart and desire to serve Him always. While the direction of these homeschoolers differed after graduating, it is evident that their parents successfully instilled in them the value of serving and living for God. I hope their stories are of encouragement to you.

In His service,

Denise Kanter

in this issue
  • Meet a Homeschool Graduate!
  • Faith, Family & Freedom by Kevin Swanson
  • Home School Heartbeat: Serving God and Homeschooling
  • Joshua Carden, Esq., Attorney for Alliance Defense Fund

  • Faith, Family & Freedom by Kevin Swanson

    My husband and I talked with Kevin at the recent Christian Film Festival. Kevin was homeschooled in Japan, is now homeschooling his children, and is the director of the Christian Home Educators of Colorado. During our conversation, Kevin mentioned that he would drive hours just to share with a few parents the blessings of a biblical home education. The following is an article by Kevin. It is inspiring. Denise

    Faith, family and freedom are three important values that have made this nation great. Yet each of these have been under attack for at least a century. I believe that the home education movement has revived these values as important in the lives of millions across America, and that makes homeschooling a key movement in our times.

    Let me elucidate. Homeschooling is about re- integrating and reuniting the family after 150 years of segregation, industrialization, and delegation. Homeschooling is about the freedom for famillies to direct the education of their children according as their conscience directs. And Christian home education is about maintaining a Christ-centered, biblically-based faith in God, an education rooted in the fear of God.

    To purchase Kevin Swanson's new book Upgrade, click here.

    Home School Heartbeat: Serving God and Homeschooling

    As homeschooling parents, how can we ensure that our daughters are ready to go wherever God calls them? Listen to the experience of a father and his daughter, on today’s Home School Heartbeat with Michael Farris.

    Mike: I’d like you to tell us about your academic preparation and where that has led you since graduating from high school.

    Jayme: Well, I was able to graduate early from high school, and when I graduated, I followed my interests in art and in English and apprenticed as a graphic designer and an editor. I gained some marketable skills that way and was also able to work in that field for a few years. Then, at age 18, I began to explore whether God would have me get involved in missions. So I went on a short-term trip to Romania, and felt strongly that I should return. I returned to Romania at age 19 and lived there for a year, working as the English-language secretary for the president of an evangelical college there in Romania. And on the weekends I was volunteering at a home for abandoned babies. When I returned to the United States after that year in Romania, I was home for a while, helping my mom homeschool several of my younger brothers and being very active in my church, but I knew God had more for me to do in Romania. So I founded a non-profit organization at age 20, and began raising funds for the small orphanage that I had worked at in Romania. Today, I’m now married and I have three children, but I’m still able to run that ministry from my home. And even though my primary role is that of a wife and mother, I’m really thankful to have the opportunity to stay involved in God’s work in Romania, even from my home.

    Joshua Carden, Esq., Attorney for Alliance Defense Fund

    "I feel that homeschooling helped prepare me for the wide variety of experiences I've had in education and in work. Flexibility has been important to my life. Also, my parents took the opportunity to repeatedly emphasize character and the things of God during my homeschooling, those things will always be beneficial!" Josh said before adding, "As much as I appreciate the way homeschooling prepared me for what I do now, I always want people to remember that homeschooling is not salvation. It is a means, not an end unto itself. Homeschooling is wonderful, but like anything else it can be perverted if it is not pervaded by Christ."

    Meet a Homeschool Graduate!

    A couple of years ago, my family enjoyed Thanksgiving in Virginia. It was truly a wonderful time. We had the opportunity to meet Caleb and his lovely wife, both homeschool graduates. I can only say, that if you are unsure about homeschooling, please find a homeschooled graduate to talk with. That will convince you! Denise

    Caleb Kershner, Manager of Federal Policy and Research for the National Center Kershner for Home Education, has worked for the Home School Legal Defense Association full-time since completing HSLDA's internship program in 1996. Caleb directed HSLDA's grassroots lobbying effort for several years before becoming HSLDA's federal lobbyist in 2000. He is also State Director for Generation Joshua and operates their Voter Registration Project. A homeschool graduate from Frederick, Maryland, Caleb is one of six siblings. He has a B.S. in Finance from George Mason University and is in his third year at George Mason University School of Law. He and his wife, Erin, live in Leesburg, Virginia.

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