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October 2006

Dear Christian families:

Last month our family attended a homeschool conference. During the course of the week, I was approached by a lady who inquired about my daughter, Amy, wondering why she could not walk. She told me she was a pediatrician. After chatting a while about Amy, I asked her how she came to homeschool considering her profession.

She explained to me that she had worked and homeschooled for a season, but after a few years of doing both she made a decision to put her medical career on hold so she could spend more time with her children. Child rearing is really such a short time, and taking a break from an 'out-of-the-home' career to train up your children, as this doctor did, is an investment of time that will have eternal rewards.

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In Christ,

Denise Kanter

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  • Q&A: Help, my son is a slow reader!
  • Slow and Steady - Preschool Curriulum
  • Toughen Up!
  • Colleges & Universities Recruiting Homeschoolers

  • Slow and Steady - Preschool Curriulum

    The first five years of a child's life are the most formative, so maximize the intellectual growth of your preschoolers with this comprehensive resource. Offering a complete readiness curriculum, the 260 weekly age-appropriate developmental activities are easy to understand, take only 10 minutes each, and use common household items. Also includes measurable parameters to profile progress and tips for solving behavioral problems. 337 pages, softcover from Xulon.

    Toughen Up!

    Dear Katy,

    Couldn’t God really be wanting our kids to toughen up some, by being in the schools? Does home school really prepare all kids for every type of career? Some of the moms in my support group say homeschooling is a calling, is it? We did not feel a calling, we began homeschooling for different reasons.


    Dear Mackenzie,

    NO! God does not want your children to toughen up in public! Let’s talk about that first, because He may have been leading you more than you realize.

    Adults are like oak trees. A beautiful, tall, old oak tree is tough. If you run into one with your lawn mower, the tree wins. Right? How does it get that way? It is really very simple: Oak trees get huge and tough by NOT being mowed over when they are young and tender. Children are young and tender.

    Colleges & Universities Recruiting Homeschoolers

    Agape Press: Recent reports indicate that a growing number of U.S. colleges and universities are now actively recruiting home schooled students. It was not that long ago that most colleges and universities would not even consider home educated applicants, but this is no longer the case. An official with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers says after years of skepticism, even mistrust, many college officials now realize it is in their best interests to seek out home schooled students. According to an Associated Press report, Stanford University is one of those schools that has a team of admissions officers sympathetic to home schoolers, making Stanford a beacon for high- achieving home educated students that are college bound. Among other things, the school has a special section on its Internet site for home school students interested in applying. Jon Reider, a former senior associate admissions director at Standford, says that university and many others now realize home schooled students are a prominent enough population that institutions of higher learning can only ignore this group of students at their own peril. [Fred Jackson]

    Q&A: Help, my son is a slow reader!

    Dear Katy—

    My oldest son is smart but is still not reading and we have home schooled him for three years, now, making him eight. I am so scared! I have used phonics, daily, and he seems to like it, but he often just doesn’t get it. What am I doing wrong? Have I ruined him? I cannot even bear to think what the schools will say if I send him back there, but I truly do not know what to do, and cannot let him grow up not reading. He reads so slowly and so incorrectly, that it just kills me to listen to it. I hardly dare confess this to anyone, even anonymously like this. HELP!

    –“Jane Doe”

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