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Considering Homeschooling Ministry helps families discover the blessings of a Christian home education.
September 2006

Dear Christian families:

This month we have some great articles and resources on how to get started homeschooling, our popular 'Homeschooling & Sports' resource guide, our 'Ministry News Report', and some startling results from a Columbia University survey as reported by World Net Daily.

Please start homeschooling this year. In today's culture how and where you educate your child will have eternal consequences. As you start homeschooling, keep your home, instruction and curriculum away from government intrusion and secular teachings.

The homeschool convention season is over for this year, but you can visit your local Home School Headquarters store and purchase curriculum. Their link is below. Please bless another Christian family by passing this newsletter along.

In His service,
Denise Kanter,

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  • Articles to Inspire & Equip
  • 'Ministry News Report'
  • WORLD NET DAILY: Study: Parents unaware of substance abuse

  • 'Ministry News Report'

    Our 'Ministry News Report' is our way of letting you know what is happening in our ministry. With the help of many mentors and groups we were able to distribute over a thousand DVD's, brochures and booklets last month.

    "I just wanted to thank you for sending me the DVDs and information to share with my homeschool group. We had two new families at our meeting. I gave them your information and Dvds. One of them called this morning wanting to "pay" for a DVD to send to a friend. She was so surprised when I told her that I would give it to her to spread the word about homeschooling. You are really blessing families. Thank you so much and God Bless your ministry." - Janie

    We have 5 new mentors and groups this month. And a special thank you to Kelly will be passing out our DVD's and brochures at her MOP's group.

    And finally, two friends of our ministry write:

    "We are grateful for your dedication and service to the Lord. Please know that your service is yielding fruit with those who choose to follow Jesus Christ and hopefully reaching those who do not yet know Him." Friends in Christ, Carolyn

    "Praise God!! Love your materials!!! As a retired Home School Co-op President, I used all the same scriptures to support Christian Home Education at meetings where I had the the ' ear' of those would hear. God bless your ministry to other families." Shirley

    If you would like to start an outreach, please click here. We have held more than 40 outreaches in our home and home church and we can help you.

    WORLD NET DAILY: Study: Parents unaware of substance abuse

    A new study examining alcohol and drug use among pre-teens and teenagers found parents know little about what their children are doing and the influences to which they are being exposed.

    A homeschooling group is using the results of the survey to point parents in the direction of homeschooling. The organization sponsors Considering Homeschooling Ministry and its website to encourage Christian parents to educate their kids at home.

    "The peer pressure to drink alcohol, use drugs and engage in sexual activity in teen years is incredible," said Denise Kanter, Morningstar's research adviser. "Christian parents need to protect their children from secular influences of school peers and teach their children at home." Click Here to continue reading

    Articles to Inspire & Equip

    My Journey in Homeschooling & Outreach

    by Denise Kanter

    When our firstborn turned two and one-half, I began the 'official' educational process and I bought lot's of preschool ’curriculum'. I was diligent in teaching her and by age 5, her reading skills were several years ahead. 'Preschooling At Home' had been a breeze, even considering we added two more children to our family and our fourth was arriving imminently. We were just as excited when our fourth child was born as we were with the others, but nineteen days later she was rushed to the ICU with a life- threatening infection in her brain. It was touch and go for three weeks and by a miracle she survived. Continue Reading

    "Is Homeschooling the Right Choice for My Child?"

    By Mary Pride

    The short answer: yes, it is, as long as you're a committed and involved parent with normal intelligence and no history of serious mental illness!
    Continue Reading

    Considering Homeschooling Ministry's list of 5 easy steps to start educating your child today. Click Here

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